Transitioning from high school to university? Need help with exams, revision techniques, or settling down at uni?

Don’t worry about it, we have got your back! The BSA runs a Mums and Dads Scheme which aims to connect new and continuing students to provide a forum for mutual support between different year groups. Continuing students can be a helping hand, providing new students with guidance, tips and support to tackle challenges

Are you a new, first year student? You have already been assigned Mums and Dads! We are glad to let you know that this year, all Common Year One (CYO) tutor groups will be allocated either a Mum or a Dad. You don’t need to sign up, everything is already organised for you. You will get to know your Student Parent at the beginning of the year, and from then they will support you every step of the way

Are you a continuing student (second year and above)? Please consider being a Mum or a Dad. You will be able to help your Student Children through your invaluable first-hand experience. It’s a great opportunity to boost your CV; the faculty will award you with a certificate for all your efforts at the end of the academic year. If you need guidance, you can also sign up as a Student Child: you will get a Mum or Dad from an upper course (third year and above). This will help you have a better idea of your future, explore career ambitions and get support from your seniors. For this, please email us

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to be a Mum or Dad and let us help our juniors together!

The deadline to sign up as a Mum or Dad is on 20th September 2018, so hurry up and apply below: