Dear members,

We, as the KCL Biomedical Sciences Society Committee (2014/15) have proposed a few changes to be made to our society structure that will benefit the society and students within the School of Bioscience Education and give us a stronger representative voice. Though, before we can go through with these changes, we need your say and agreement. It is really important that you have your say. So please take a few minutes out of your time and fill in this survey. The results of the survey will be announced at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 1st May. The time and location will be e-mailed to you soon.

Please also note that you only need to fill in this survey if you are a paid member of the KCL Biomedical Sciences Society.

Name change:

A year ago our school was called School of Biomedical Sciences and so our name was not confusing at all and students studying any bioscience degree felt welcome. Then our school name was changed to ‘School of Bioscience Education’ as we came under the umbrella of Faculty of Life Sciences and medicine, and so now we believe that to make the society more inclusive, we need to change our society name. 

Restructure and merger between the society and the Bioscience Student Forum:

In 2013/14 our Bioscience Student Representatives held a Bioscience Student forum. This was an additional forum to the course SSLCs (Staff Student Liaison Committee). It was an informal forum where students came together to meet their student council representative and the Dean of Bioscience Education. The forum was proving to be a success however due to time constraints and study commitments of the council reps, the forum was not continued in 2014/15.

We are thinking of restarting the forum as part of the new proposed structure of the society. The forum chairs would not be Bioscience Council Representatives but a Bioscience Forum chair would be elected separately as part of the society committee. Under the new structure, a representative from each degree programme and a post graduate representative will also sit on the forum under the Bioscience Forum Chair. This is so that everyone is represented fairly.  If people agree to the proposed new structure of merging the Bioscience student forum and the Society, we would online elections in summer or at the start of the new academic year.

This would be very beneficial to the students as if they have nay issues about anything, they would have one contact point. They would be able to bring up those issues in the forum freely without the extremely formal nature of SSLCs. They would also be able to talk to the Dean of Bioscience Education directly. All in all, this would give a very strong representative structure to the Students in the School of Bioscience Education and it would also make it easier and more efficient for the staff and KCLSU to communicate with students in the school. They would be able to understand the needs of students better.

Membership fee:

Under our new structure, we would have to revoke our membership fee as our society would become a representative structure for the School of Bioscience Education and so it would be unfair to charge a membership fee for that. We would be exploring alternative funding options.

Please also note that our society would not be in competition with any other academic society. However, we will still continue to hold social and academic events. Also, all other bioscience societies such as KCL Pharmacology Society, KCL Neuroscience Society, and KCL Anatomy Society etc. would have access to our data base to promote their events. We will also give equal promotion to their events to make everything fair and we will also make sure there are no overlapping events so that one society or the other is not disadvantaged. We will also be providing any support that any bioscience society needs.

Got it?

Please fill in this survey as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at